The SoulSeries

by Trista Quirk

     Grinding the sleep from my eyes, I watched as the all too familiar sulfuric waves seeped through the door’s cracks, searching and reaching to pull me into the waiting darkness. 

      For a moment, I actually thought I might fit in there…as much as someone who is a genuine freak of nature can anyways. least I only had one and a half more years of indentured servitude. I was starting to feel the melancholy sink in…trying to take over, I quickly shook it off.  I would age out of the system soon enough than I would be the one in charge of my own destiny.

      Deep down I knew I would never be able to let a guy or anyone else see me without a shirt on ever. They wouldn’t be able to see anything but the scars. Moreover, how long would it take them to turn away from me in disgust? Nevertheless, no matter what I thought of my looks deep down I knew it was more than looks that kept boys at bay.

     The dark haired boy whipped around reflexively reaching out to catch me. He moved faster than I could have imagined almost as fast as lightning. It took him merely a heartbeat to stop me from completing a face flat or worse.


     Unbeknownst to me with in that single second of a solitary heartbeat, my whole world would change forever…again



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